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Power of Attorney

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    Power of attorney is a legal document. It grants power to act for another person. Depending on the terms of the document, it can grant legal decision-making rights to a limited or broad extent. Finances, property, and medical care are often associated with a power of attorney document. They are normally used when the principal is incapacitated due to illness or disability. These documents are extremely important. You’ll want the best law team available composing your power of attorney documents. Kansas City Estate Planning Team is here to help. We provide professional power of attorney services in Kansas City, MO.

    What is Power of Attorney?

    Power of attorney gives legal power to a person to act for another person. This document can give control of finances, decision-making, property, and medical care decisions. The document is normally used during the incapacitation of the principal due to disability or illness. They may also be used to handle legal or financial issues if the principal cannot be present. Establishing power of attorney should be a priority of any estate planning. It will ensure your family acts on your behalf and in your interests. We offer limited and broad power of attorney documents.

    Understanding Power of Attorney

    Power of attorney can be general or limited. General power of attorney allows a person to act on all matters for the principal. From finances to health care, the general power of attorney grants decision-making power for the principal. Limited power of attorney documents can provide specific provisions. For example, a limited power of attorney may state that you can only manage the health care of the principal. There is much more to understanding the power of attorney document. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more about our power of attorney services.

    Choosing a Power of Attorney

    How do you choose the right person for your power of attorney? It is extremely important to choose an incredibly trustworthy individual for your power of attorney. A power of attorney can be given control of your finances and your medical care. Choosing the wrong person could easily bankrupt you or endanger your health care. While many choose a family member to be their power of attorney, there are also professional options available. Our team is always here to help. If you would like to learn more about power of attorney, call our team today.

    Power of Attorney Services in Kansas City

    We are available for professional power of attorney services. Based in Kansas City, MO, our team of professional estate lawyers is available today to provide expert power of attorney services. The team at Kansas City Estate Planning Team has helped countless clients establish safe and effective power of attorney documents. We can establish documents that will protect your, your finances, and your family. Feel free to email or call us today to schedule an appointment.